Saturday, December 14, 2013

Making your mark... + some new changes!

Have you ever thought of it?


Well, haven't we all??

A lone star
Lately, I've been catching myself thinking about my life so far and my life in the future, wondering if I'll ever be that girl who goes out there and does great things. I mean, don't get me wrong. There is one main reason I'm here - I'm here to share God's love with the world, and I share it through living a life of love and acceptance to others.

 But I guess I'm just wondering how I can do that to the fullest.

I mean, sure. I'm going to an amazing university, with amazing people, and amazing music (and food! Yay!). I'm honored to be in a family and group of friends who love me and care for me so much. I'm cruising through life, hitting bumps in the road - mostly the ones I make myself - and finding little hidden gems along the path every now and then. But that's the problem. I'm cruising.

Why am I cruising through life when I can be SOARING through it? 

You know those thoughts that enter your mind? The ones that ask you why you're not donating more money to the poor? The ones that nag at you every time you see a homeless man or woman on the road - how your heart aches that you cannot trust those people, but you wish you could help them. Or how about those commercials about people starving in different countries (sometimes even in our own country) - how you wish you could just drop everything in your life and start a new one over there, helping these people find a means to survive?

Well, I guess I've been asking that kind of question, with those kinds of thoughts.

I've decided tonight that I'm tired of waiting for the right moment to make a difference.

And for some reason, the first place I turned to was this blog. I don't have much money, nor do I have enough education yet to start a career in nutrition. I don't have the answers to everyone's problems...
But I do have love. I do have passion. I do have experience. And I guess I realized that the first step does not have to be large. It can be a small step... a baby step.

This blog - the blog that once started as a blog to share recipes and health tips - is becoming one that shares not only those things, but also my music, and my thoughts.

To be honest, I'm not sure about what kind of difference I'm trying to make. All I do know is that this blog has made a difference in peoples' lives. People have come up to me and told me that this blog has helped them, or inspired them, or amused them.

Perhaps my purpose for right now starts here. I can share my hopes, dreams, and realities here. We can laugh and cry together as we all go through this difficult and beautiful thing called life.

And then perhaps in the future, the right doors will open. :)

Today, I'm opening the first door. 

Much love,

~ Natalyn


  1. your inspiring thoughts are good to hear at this point in my life, thank you for sharing :)