Thursday, October 10, 2013

Detoxing: The one-month mark!

Hey everyone!!! Happy friday (almost). As I write this, I'm procrastinating a bit from taking a shower. I'm a sweaty mess from running around with my classmates and friends looking for the location of the gig we were singing at. The good news is that we made it on time and had a great performance!! Yay!

I've been debating for a while on whether I should share about my detoxing, but it's too good not to share!! I've been eating the tastiest fruits and veggies (especially fruits), and have also been making new recipes. Some have been amazing, and others have been the floppiest flops I've ever made. But it's ok! It's all part of the learning process, right?

My detoxifying frutarian feast at Cheesecake Factory! Yes, it's possible! 
Well, I'll try and stop acting so hyper - because I know that can be quite annoying - so that I can tell you about my detoxing experience. 

For one, the food - when accessible - is so much faster and easier to eat. Sometimes it's funner too! If you don't feel like washing dishes, you can just monomeal on a bunch of oranges or have a simple lunch of romaine lettuce and bananas. When you're not pressed for time, you can make gorgeous fruit salads - all for yourself!!

I'm just in love with the fall season here in southern California. There's something about fall weather and fall fruits that is much different than that of the other seasons. Though fall is a time where the leaves are dying and the weather is getting colder, everything about the season points to life and warmth and merriment. Thanksgiving is around the corner, warm fires are lit, and there are trees filled with gorgeous fruits such as pomegranates. Ahh, pomegranates - with little gems inside. I used to call it the "diamond fruit" when I was a young'un. 

When detoxing, you may find yourself drinking more water... and EATING SO MANY GREENS!

Thank you Costco! This bag of green goodness is my best friend right now.
And you know what? The more greens I eat, the easier it is to eat "salt free". Dude, spinach, celery, and swiss chard are so salty. I'm serious!

I also have something to admit to all of you. I've been hiding behind this term "detoxing" this past month, but I can tell you that by the end of the first week in this detox I knew in my heart that this is the way I want to eat for a very long time. Perhaps even forever

I've never felt so much life in my body! My energy is soaring, my eyes look even shinier than before, my layer of fat that would never leave my middle section (even with a healthy lifestyle) is deteriorating slowly but surely. I feel young (as I should feel at 19 years old!!), but more importantly my body feels free. I'm usually the first one up the stairs. If asked, I could drop down at any time of the day and do a modest number of pushups effortlessly. Who knows? Maybe my sleep just might get better too - but only time will tell for that one.

I don't really know what to tell people anymore when they ask me what my diet is. For those of you who know me very well, you know how I get with cookie-cutter diets. I always "cheat", or as some like to say, I don't commit. And I've always felt so bad about that. That's why I finally just threw my hands up into the air the other day and thought to myself "you know what? I can call myself a lot of things, but in the end, I'm healthy and I'm happy. And I'm living in a way that is helpful to both myself and to the world around me." 

However, if you're curious how I've been eating for the past month, I will explain the blissful culinary delights I get to enjoy every day.

My main calorie source, hands-down: FRUIT. Lots and lots of fruit. 

I have always loved fruit - as a child, I would be the one who greedily took three oranges from the basket while all of the other kids would take one. I also had (and still have) a HUGE sweet tooth. 

But there's more to my fruit-eating than simply satisfying cravings or fulfilling desires. Fruit is so GOOD for your body. Fruit is one of the quickest forms of energy one can give to the body. The body runs on sugar, no? :) And you know what? I'm not going to complain about that. 

Banana Jackfruit "Bubblegum" Icecream. Just two ingredients, and very delicious.
Remember in the past how I've posted in here about the "80-10-10 lifestyle"? Yeah, that's pretty much what I've been striving to follow this month. But since not many people know how that works, let me continue telling you what I eat. I'll tell you more about 80-10-10 later.

So I eat fruit - it's my main calorie source, as I just told you a moment ago. But my body and brain also needs lots of minerals! And the best source of vitamins and minerals seems to come from the leafy greens and veggies. These are the ones that fight cancer the best, and the very strong ones like cilantro and parsley are the ones that detox the heavy, harmful stuff out of the body. So yes, don't worry my good friends, for I have also been eating loads and loads of veggies, especially greens.

A beautiful, symmetrical leek from the farmer's market
Greens eaten plain or simply flavored aren't as bad as many people say they are. The problem is that our tastebuds are not used to their flavor any more. In reality, greens are SALTY. They are SAVORY. Each vegetable and green has a distinct taste to it that is sometimes quite different from the other. 
However, I'll be the first to admit that it still isn't always easy for me to crave a head of plain romaine. Plus, I'm usually tempted to be creative, so if I can make something out of it, I will! ;)

True story: I've made some pretty amazing meals for myself using no salt and a lot of greens. The trick? Use lots of fresh herbs, a squeeze of sour (like lemon or lime), salt-rich greens, and sundried tomatoes. Sundried tomatoes are my heroes!

A savory italian-inspired dinner. Yummmm. 
And... it's gone. Where did it go? ;)
I've got to say that my best savory meal as of late has been this one:

Zucchini noodles on a bed of organic spring greens, dressed with a fresh tomato basil sauce and complemented with "italian sausage" potatoes and steamed zucchini. Contains just a weeee bit of salt in the cooked zucchini - and still tastes SUPER delicious. 

The picture above leads me to the next helpful calorie source I have been consuming: roots! Potatoes and sweet potatoes, specifically. Yes, they are cooked - I enjoy steaming veggies such as broccoli and serving them alongside a salad and some steamed potatoes (steaming is one of the best cooking methods to preserve the delicate nutrients inside a food).

Cuban yucca (yum), fresh okra (oh yeah!) , and raw tabouli (meh... -_-)
The other foods I enjoy, but in moderation:
* raw honey - delicious with sweet potato and cinnamon
* raw fats - avocado, nuts, seeds, durian, coconut meat - I don't eat fatty foods every day, because I find that I do better with less of those and more of the water-rich foods like pomegranates and strawberries. 

Sweet fennel salad with apples and orange juice
Yeah, that's pretty much my month in a nutshell - a very large nutshell, I know. I talk a lot. 

I'm looking forward to what the future holds - not only for me, but for you too! Remember, your health matters now. Live a life that will make your body truly happy. Reach for the stars! Or in my case, reach for the starfruit!!!

Photo from Wikipedia
Well, I'll keep you updated from time to time on how I'm doing with this amazing way of eating and living. Oh man, I don't want to stop!! This is the best I have ever felt and it's so amazing and I just want you to try it cuz it's so amazinggggg;lskjf;ajfjo;awjpojfjal;kjf;jdf;ajs;fjs;joijgo;ag;jfa;ojiaosjfodjfkasfjl;askjfl;ajsgl;bjl;!!!!!

*deep breath* Sorry, I get carried away sometimes and freak out when I'm super excited. I really shouldn't be too excited right now, being that it's 11:27 at night. 

I better head to the bed - oh, and shower! -, but I just want to say that I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week. 

Peace, love, and FRUIT! 

~ Natalyn

P.S. Here's a fun challenge: eat one extra raw fruit and one big leaf of lettuce every day this week. Give it a try. It'll be a bit weird at first, but who knows? You may take a liking to how you feel.