Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mango Cardamom Tart with Almond Rose Cream

On a Saturday afternoon, after church had already finished and I was back at home... I wanted to make something special to take to my cousin's house. So I skipped over to the kitchen to see the ingredients I had on hand. Organic whole wheat flour. Hm... Mangos.... cardamom... Wheels start turning... 

And then this happened.

I wish I took a picture when it had just been made. Unfortunately, I forgot until I had already covered it.

This tart was approved by all the cousins that gave it a try, and it disappeared in less than 3 hours. Even  a teenager from church gave it a try and I could hear her speaking quietly to her friend, "This is different. But it's really good!"

And that's pretty much the best way to describe this tart. Different. Very different, actually. But oh, so pleasant. 

The one thing I recommend that I didn't do - please, put the mango tart in the refrigerator for at least 4 solid hours. Had it been cold, it would have been even better than it already was!! 

Mango Cardamom Tart with Rose Almond Cream

Makes one large tart - serves 6-8 GENEROUS servings (more if cut smaller)

Crust Ingredients:
* 2 cups organic whole wheat flour 
* 1 cup earth balance vegan butter 
* 1/2 cup coconut palm sugar
* 2 tsp. coconut nectar (or maple syrup)
* 2 tsp. ground up chia seeds
1) Combine flour and butter together with pastry cutter, then with hands. Add coconut palm sugar, coconut nectar and ground up chia seeds. 
2) Continue mixing with hands until dough sticks together into a ball when you press it all together (this may take a couple minutes because the butter will be slowly melting as you handle the dough).
3) Press into your favorite tart pan with removable bottom (I used a heart shape tart pan that's bigger than those metal pie pans). 
4) Bake at 375 F for 12-15 minutes.
5) Allow tart to cool for 10-15 minutes. 
6) Flip tart onto your favorite serving dish. 
Mango Topping Ingredients:
* 2-3 Tbsp. coconut nectar (or maple syrup)
* 1/3 tsp. ground cardamom
* 2 mangoes, sliced thin
1) In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients until cardamom and sweetener have spread equally amidst the mango slices. 
2) Set aside to let the flavors sit.
Almond Rose Cream Ingredients:
* 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
* 2-3 medjool dates
* 1 tsp. vanilla
* pinch pink sea salt

* 1 cup raw almonds (skin removed, if possible)
* 20 organic rose petals, whites removed
* 8 drops stevia
* More sweetener (not more stevia), if desired
1) In a vitamix blender, combine almond milk, dates, vanilla, and salt until smooth. 
2) Add remainder of ingredients and blend until mixture is super creamy and to your desired sweetness. 
3) Set aside.


1) Pour 3/4 of almond rose cream into tart crust.
2) Add cardamom mango mixture on top, arranging the mango slices as you wish.
3) Pour (or pipe) the remaining cream on top as decoration, and garnish with extra rose petals and a HUGE drizzle of raw coconut nectar. 
4) If you want the flavors to mingle together, let sit in the fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight. If you just want to eat the dang tart like I did, you can do that too! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

Enjoy. I'm heading to bed pretty soon. It's been a long (and GOOD) day. I hope yours has been the same. 

Enjoy the tart. It's very fun to make.. and eat. 

Much love,

~ Natalyn

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