Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creamy Plantain Dessert + Recent Eats

A pile of perfection... 

I used to always wish I was perfect... I still struggle with this from time to time, but I am SO much better to myself about doing my best. 

I'm learning more and more that it's the imperfections that remind us to do our best. If we were all perfect, we would have no experience under our belts, and how boring is life without rich experiences and life lessons?? 
Only God is perfect. But that's ok, because He's awesome that way. The rest of us are human - and.. awesome just the way we are. So there! :)

I wish I could say this plantain dessert was perfect... but actually, that would be boring and overrated to use that word. What I CAN say is that it's one of the tastiest things I've made with only 3 or 4 ingredients - EVER! 
My mom went nuts with it. 
My dad went nuts with it. 
My sister's boyfriend went nuts with it.. 
My sister!.. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. 

Plantain Towers

Serves 2-4

* 3 extremely ripe plantains, peeled over running water 
* 1 Tbsp. coconut oil
* coconut cream (refrigerate coconut milk can for entire day or overnight)
* cinnamon, for garnish

1) Slice up peeled plantains. I sample a bunch a couple slices as I prepare this - they're so delicious. 
2) In a medium small frying pan, combine plantains and coconut oil. Cook the plantains in there, uncovered, for 3-5 minutes, moving them around frequently. When finished, remove from heat and cover pan. Plantains should look a bit more golden by now. 
3) Take a cookie cutter/1/4 cup measure/coffee scooper/or anything similar to those things, and cram a big spoonful of plantains in there. Put on a plate and slowly lift the mold off the plantain "tower". 
4) Whip up coconut cream with a spoon and place a generous dallop (bigger than what you see in the picture) on the plate, wherever it looks nice. 
5) Repeat until all the plantains in the pan are gone! Enjoy immediately! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

I've been on such a plantain, hummus, and veggies kick lately (together, but also in different things). Here are my latest exciting eats from the last couple weeks:

Vegan pizza - not the healthiest, but every once in a while it's quite the delicious treat. This one was southwest style - my favorite flavor for practically any dish (besides dessert and smoothies). It was also packed with fun veggies like kale, tomatoes, green onions, and mushrooms.
Strawberry kombucha = YUM!!!!!! Kombucha is the best - SUPER good for your digestive system too!

My first attempt at spring rolls. Not too bad... *goes for seconds*
And my favorite - Ezekiel sprouted grain bread with authentic traditional hummus, topped with a bunch of arugula leaves.
It looks like I've been eating up a storm over here, but believe it or not, I'm probably eating less than I have in a while. See, I'm playing with my portion sizes this week - I'm trying to listen to my body more and stuff, so we'll see how this goes for the rest of this week. So far, so good. 

Working out more too. I did a Fitness Blender today before rock climbing - I was a sweaty mess when I finished this one! 37 minutes of hardcore cardio (well, it was hardcore to me).

I post a lot of this kind of stuff on my instagram (natalynintheraw), so you're welcome to follow me if you want to gawk at healthy delicious eats, try some uploaded workouts, and stuff like that. **UPDATE:   for personal reasons, I don't have an Instagram account anymore**

Have an awesome remainder of the week! I hope you get lots of sunshine, activity, and tasty healthy noms to highlight your week! <3

Much love,

~ Natalyn

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