Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life lately!

Hey everyone.

Well, first of all, it's 11:38 at night and I really should be asleep, but I really missed writing in here, plus I wanted some relax time before bed.

Here I am. Oh by the way, if I say anything stupid, bear with me. I'll make more sense in my next blog post when it's not the middle of the night or whatever.

So, you know what? Let's start with a recipe. Near the beginning of this week, I steamed some potatoes and purple yams and threw together a simple breakfast idea.

Breakfast Potatoes - Natalyn's Way

* Steamed potatoes
* Sweet corn
* Sweet onion chives, chopped
* Dried herbs of choice (I recommend dried sage, dill, and thyme).
* pinch salt (I used a combo of pink himalayan and black truffle sea salt)
* pinch black pepper
* dab of Earth Balance (optional, gives buttery taste)

1) Steam potatoes.
2) prepare corn, chives, herbs, etc. and place in small, pretty bowls.
3) Place desired amount of each ingredient item in your bowl of freshly steamed potatoes and enjoy!


Potatoes, check. 

I also made a lot of those recipes that look gorgeous but don't taste the best or you know, vice versa... Like these donuts:



Annnnd gone. 

As you can see, these didn't look the best, but they tasted pretty good. I was experimenting with coconut flour donuts for the first time. And boy, let me tell you that it is hard to use coconut flour when you're eating a plant-based diet. All those eggs make baking so easy. Why can't there be a vegan egg that grows on trees??? *pouts*

Anyway, so I tried making them again, this time with chia seeds for the "egg", and well, at least they held together! So, I guess there's no need for that egg tree after all.

And according to my sister, the ones with chia tasted better. Should I post this recipe??? Hm... you know what? I'm gonna wait on posting it. I really want to master it before I put it in here. 

Let's move on to kale.

The KALE in the garden is just gorgeous right now, and we have SO much of it!!! 

Simply gorgeous. 

As I picked my kale, a plan formulated in my head. I knew what I wanted to make: kale and sun-dried tomato ravioli. You heard me. Ravioli. From scratch. With my hands.

So I made a simple whole wheat dough that kind of sucked (very hard to handle) but still tasted pretty amazing. Then I started to roll it out. 

Then I started to fill and shape the raviolis.

This took me FOREVER. But on the positive side of things, aren't these ravioli so cute??? 

After shaping them, I had to run over to work. When I got back home, it was late, but I wanted to finish my ravioli.

I boiled them for two minutes...

And then I froze them. 

Have I eaten them all yet? Nope. I'll get back to you on that sometime this or next week, whenever I get to buying some marinara sauce.

I did taste them, though, and they weren't too bad for my first time making ravioli. 

What you need to try is the filling:

But because I'm mean (insert evil laugh here), and because I'm legitimately tired, I'll share that one another day. 

Now on to other subjects.

Update as of today: exercise plan is going great. I have a new system that's working well for me - I may explain that in a future post, especially if it continues to be successful.

Enjoy the recipe - those potatoes are delish!

Peace, love, and JACKFRUIT!

~ Natalyn ^_^ 

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