Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weird Cravings + A Simple and Tasty Recipe, Two Ways

Hey everyone!!!

The other day I made these killer good "lettuce taco" things - well, they're not actually real tacos, but they remind me of them.

Anyway, I'll get back to that in a minute.

So, seriously, I've been the most random person lately.

Reason #1) I've foraged my whole dinner for the first time ever - in my own university!!
Kumquats from the girls dorm, pineapple guava blossoms (yes, they're edible) from the music department, and mulberries from the library!
The mulberries are so delicious!! It's such a treat to have them fresh (though I love them dried as well!). I mean, just look at them:

Hopefully I'll think up a good recipe for these bad boys. We'll see. 

Reason #2) I have been having the most wild cravings ever. Really. Guess what I did today? I made this low fat vegan banana chocolate "frosty" type of thing and I put kale in it. *taps imaginary microphone* KALE. You think that's pretty bad already, right?? Well dig this: I dipped fresh kale from the garden in this chocolate smoothie. Yup. I know. This girl is pretty much insane. But in my defense, that smoothie hit the spot and was actually super delicious! I just might post a recipe about it sometime.

Ok, change of subject: healthy lettuce wraps - TACO style! 
This is the type of recipe that doesn't need perfectly accurate measurements. Therefore, here are the ingredients you're going to need:

1) A pretty plate
2) Fresh organic lettuce, any type (I used a red curly leaf, but romaine or collard greens would be awesome)
3) Sweet white corn kernels
4) Tomatoes
5) Red Bell Peppers
6) Cilantro
7) Avocado
8) Lime wedges (to sprinkle a little on top of each "lettuce taco")
9) Pinch of ground cumin (for each taco - do not skip this!!)
10) Pink Himalayan Salt (optional)

All you need to do is prepare your ingredients (the longest step), and then assemble! As you can see, I like to separate my ingredients and add them on in certain amounts (more corn than tomatoes, a smidgen of avocado, just the right amount of lime and cumin). But feel free to just combine everything and then make the wraps easier to assemble. 

Yes, that plate has a purple tiger face on it - and yes, I made it myself. :)
And you're most likely going to have leftover toppings, so I suggest you make it a delicious lettuce taco wrap salad! Don't feel like wrapping veggie tacos? Just make it in salad form - still super simple and delicious. Basically all you do - omit the lettuce, or chop it into the salad. :)


* Lettuce or Spinach (optional) 
* fresh sweet white corn
* tomatoes 
* avocados
* red bell pepper
* cilantro

* lime juice
* cumin
* pinch salt

Prepare, toss, and serve. Super easy and simple. 


Perhaps some of you may get frustrated with this post - "I could have thought of that, Natalyn! This is painfully simple. Plus, you didn't even give accurate measurements!" 

And you're right - you probably could have thought of this idea, or perhaps you already have. :) Awesome. But let me tell you - there are people out there who are looking for simplicity and health and may feel like they have run out of ideas. All they are looking for at this point is an idea that sparks creativity in their minds and helps them to make more fun, simple, and healthy recipes the family will enjoy.
I didn't give accurate measurements partly because I forgot to log them down. But think about it - it's a super simple salad, and it really doesn't even have dressing except for lime juice and a couple pinches of cumin... Does it really have to be accurate??

Who knows? Maybe I'm just making a big deal and in reality everyone's saying "calm down, Natalyn. You're thinking too much. We love the idea." 

*sigh* Who knows. I won't let it bother me too much. But I do sincerely hope you enjoy this fun two-way recipe. Try it out - make both recipes, add some ingredients, make it your own! Go all out. 

Peace, love, and salad.

~ Natalyn

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