Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Out-of-this-world Veggie Sushi

Quite an exciting title, eh?

Anyhoo, I hope you are having a wonderful Spring break (for those of you who have a spring break). And for those of you who don't have a spring break, I hope life is treating you well as you carry on with work, school, etcetera.. :)

So today, I went to Whole Foods - pretty much my "mecca" that I go to like every other month or even ever other other month - and got all sorts of goodies:
These raw vegan macaroons melt in your mouth and are just decadent.
Organic Cameo Apples - super crisp with beautiful stripes

...And many other stuff, including the star ingredient of today's recipe: Sushi Nori!!!

So we (my parents and I) got home from our fabulous trip to Whole Foods, and after our exercise we were trying to decide what to eat for dinner. 
My mom decided oatmeal. I was feeling fresh cucumbers, mangos, and seaweed... aha! Sushi! 

I had just watched a documentary the other night and in one of the parts, the raw vegan chef showed a group of people how to make sushi with just veggies. He used totally different veggies than what I had in mind, though. I was feeling some fresh cucumber, sweet mango, and daikon radish! 

So I got to work! I gathered and chopped my ingredients...

Then I grabbed my nori sheet, filled it, and rolled it up!

Roll 'er up!

And here's the finished product:

Drooling yet? ;) 

That lovely sauce you see there is definitely a key ingredient in this sushi.

It's super simple. It's just lemon juice, miso, ginger and a hint of sesame oil.

Lemon-Miso Ginger Nori Spread

* juice of 1/4 lemon (more if desired)
* 1 tsp. red miso
* pinky-size piece of ginger, minced
* one drop of sesame oil
In a super small sauce bowl, mix all ingredients together until thoroughly combined - spread should have a thick consistency. 

~          ~         ~

Ok, now that you have your spread ready to go, you can now chop up those veggies and assemble your sushi! 

Nat's Out-of-this-world Veggie Sushi

Serves: 1+ (depends on how much you make)

Sushi Ingredients:
* Sushi Nori Sheets
* Daikon radish, julienned
* Cucumber, julienned
* Mango, slightly underripe, julienned
* Miso mushrooms (sauteed mushrooms massaged in a little miso paste)
* Cilantro (optional)
* Green onion, cut into thin strips (optional)

* Lemon-Miso Ginger Nori Spread 

* Organic Baby Spinach
* Pink sea salt
* Everyday Seasoning
* Hot sauce of choice

1) First, cut up and organize all the sushi ingredients and sauté the mushrooms. 
2) Grab a nori sheet, and fill the corner with equal amounts of cut up ingredients. Just one layer of cucumber, mango, daikon (3 strips each veggie). Add other ingredients.
3) To roll sushi, start at the side with the filling. Roll until you cannot see the filling, then press hard with your fingers to help it keep its shape (a bamboo sushi mat helps). 
4) Continue rolling and pressing until you have a thin piece of nori sticking out. Spread a super thin layer of Lemon-Miso Ginger Nori Spread on here, and then finish rolling. The spread should help the sushi hold together. 
5) With a serrated knife, carefully cut your sushi roll to make 4 smaller rolls.
6) Do this process over and over until you have desired amount of sushi rolls. 
7) Garnish each little roll with a leaf of organic baby spinach and some pink salt/everyday seasoning.

~ ~ ~

Yeah, these were my OUT OF THIS WORLD garnishes. :)

But the great thing about this recipe is that it is very adaptable. Don't have daikon? Use jicama. Have a bunch of lettuce? Add it into your sushi! 
... Don't have mangoes? .... GO BUY SOME!! ;)

I hope you guys enjoy this sushi! The mangos, cucumber, and daikon radish make such a flavorful combination. And that spread - even in the small amount I used - makes all the flavors go together and POP! 

Talk to you soon!

Much love,

~ Natalyn 

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