Monday, September 3, 2012

Chipotle - VEGANIZED!

Hello, my dears. Nope, no recipes today, unfortunately. Sorry. :'/ I am very excited to get my almond flour tomorrow, though, because I'm quite determined to make a gluten free vegan healthy donut recipe. :)

Anyway, today I would like to VEGANIZE another popular place:

I love Chipotle. They are actually a great place to try out your healthy options. Check them out:

* You can customize your burrito. My favorite combo is flour tortilla, cilantro lime rice, vegetarian black beans, grilled veggies, guacamole, and some other things like corn, lettuce and tomatoes. Mmmmm... so good. ^_^

* My very favorite: The Burrito bowl - you can also customize this. Well actually, you can pretty much customize everything on their menu! Here's what I suggest: black beans, brown rice, lots of corn, lots of grilled veggies, pico de gallo, a small dallop of guacamole, lots of romaine lettuce, and a little of that new tofu "meat" (it's pretty good, and gives a nice, mildly spicy flavor to your food)

* Tacos: Hard shell or soft tacos - these are customizable too, I think. That combo I recommended for the burritos would be amazing in the tacos, as well!

* Salads: Chipotle honey vinegrette - but if you're strict vegan or not into eating honey, you can probably bring your own homemade dressing to sprinkle on top? 

* Awesome side: Chips and salsa/guacamole! Delicious guacamole - nope, doesn't have milk. According to them, it's fresh mashed avocados. Delish!

* Kid's menu: Your choice of three ingredients and two soft or crispy taco shells. I think a killer delicious combo would be guacamole, grilled veggies, and cilantro-lime rice. Oh, and lettuce, if they're ok with one extra topping! The kids meal also comes with your choice of milk or juice - but I suggest asking for water instead - and yummy chips! I think your kids would love this meal.

Check out this link if you want to see HOW FRESH their guacamole is. They hand mash it in small batches every day!

Also, if you want to see your gluten-free options, check out their special diet section - it's great! Special diet information

And here's what I also love about Chipotle: their care for our planet!

"Food with Integrity is our commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment, and the farmers."

They're also trying to slowly incorporate more organic foods into their menu - currently, 40% of their beans are organically grown!!

Thank you Chipotle for being a great place to mingle with friends and also a great place to participate in eating planet-friendly foods!

Well, I hope you guys try out a super tasty vegan burrito from Chipotle, because they are amazing - so full of flavor! 

Much love, 

~ Natalyn

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