Thursday, July 12, 2012

Naming the Blog

Hello, friends!!

Guess what?

I have officially finished my freshman orientation (July 11 &12)! *crowd cheers* It was very fun and I learned so much about the campus and about college in general. I seriously can't wait until September!!!......


Okay, so I can wait a little longer, cuz summer ain't gonna last forever and I gotta enjoy it while I still have it - a.k.a. chillin' like a villain in the kitchen... can't do that in college (man, my AP English teacher would have burned me alive if she saw all this colloquial language, improper grammar and sentence structure).

Now to the topic! I decided to dedicate this post specifically to naming the blog. In the first part of my blogging journey, I was really struggling to find a good name for the blog because 1) so many names are already taken!!!!, 2) Half of the names I came up with sounded like health companies or cheesy associations. Anyway, I decided to share some of those names my friends and I came up with (mostly my friends). Hilarious stuff, some really good creative ideas, and great memories. Well, here's my list of favorites:

Names for my blog
* "The Blog"
* The Food Blog (I know, these first ones are a little basic, but this is just the warm up. Keep reading!)
* Foodtacular: a Vegan Journey
* A Vegan Venture (taken)
* Little Miss Vegan (Raw) Chef
* Edible Plants & Assorted Nonsense (a.k.a EPAN.. lol)
* Raw without a Bra! (I laughed so much with this one. It's so creative.)
* Plant Rant (taken. Ugh)
* Artfully Raw
* Food is an Art
* "Let Food be thy medicine"
* "Dost thou know thou wearest thy mother's drapes?"(I know, totally off subject. Hey, it was late at night, ok?)
* The Raw Latina (because I'm Cuban/Chilean in descent)
* FireRAWk (sounds like I barfed!! Lol)
* Foodwork
* Firefood
* Planty Edibles (this one was definitely one of my favorites)
* Nothing Sweet, No Meat (I also loved this one, but my blog definitely has sweet stuff, so it wouldn't work)
* "Meatless in Seattle" (I was laughing so hard when I thought of this one)
* Meatless in America :D (my friend's adjustment to the previous.. She wanted to make it a nationwide title)
* RAW USA (If you put it together and make it a word, it sounds tribal - "Rawusa! Rawusa! RAWUSA!!!!! *aimlessly hurls spear at imaginary mammoth*)
* Rawfully Wed (I loved this one. It was one of my very favorites)
* Blissfully Raw (taken)
* Rawfully Bliss (at this point I was tearing my hair out in frustration)
* Rawfully Cool
* Raw Cool Whip!! (Annnd at this point I commented to my friends that I was losing my mind)
* The Enchanted Leaves
* The Black Pearl (taken by Pirates of the Carribean, I know. I just couldn't resist putting it in here)
* The Black Fern (my friend said "get it? Cuz it's a tree a.k.a. plant a.k.a. vegan??")
* The Rawnderful Plants
* Mr. Rawmporian's Plant Emporium
* Uncooked and Unmatchable (sounds like a show)
* Uncooked and Unrivaled (sounds even more like a show)
* Wonderfully Raw/Wonderful Raw (I really liked this one)
* Raw is Wonderful (too sentence-like)
* Raw is a Lifestyle (I liked this one I thought of, but it really wasn't creative enough)
* You've got the best of raw worlds (Um.. What?? lol)
* Nat's Raw News (If I made a magazine, I would have used a name like that!! <3 love it)

And there were so many others. These are just a handful of the name ideas, and I'm thankful for each and every person who supported my newfound passion for blogging and cheered me on. Thank you to my friends and to my family and especially to my dad, who showed me how works and who actually came up with the winning name for my blog: Natalyn in the Raw. Love you guys!! <3

Great story, huh? *crowd gets emotional*
If you are interested in blogging about food, you are welcome to take any of these names, just double check on google to make sure it's not another person's blog name, that would be embarrassing (I think most of the names aren't used yet, though).

As for the recipe? I am sorry to say that I have no recipes available to post today, but I will share with you a potential recipe I fixed up at the cafeteria during my orientation lunch. WARNING: Not 100% raw. But it is vegan, and around 90% raw. :) So, my cafeteria has a salad bar, right? And to my delight, I saw pretty much all the ingredients you would need for a vegan southwestern style salad! I put stuff together, and it was delicious. Hooray! Since I haven't further tested this recipe at home, I will not be posting exact amounts. I'll just put down what I used in my salad:

* Mixed greens (or if you just have one type, like spinach or iceburg or romaine, that works too, just make sure it's not only bitter greens for this salad)
* Diced avocado
* Chopped green onions (or chives, or regular onion would work fine as well, I'm sure)
* Sweet corn
* Black beans, cooked (or a can of black beans)
* Red bell pepper, diced - I bet if you grilled these the salad would be even more fantastic
* Tomatoes, diced very small
* Red chili flakes are totally optional
* For dressing use a vegan ranch dressing or vegan barbeque sauce (or both for a cheesecake-factory-style salad). I used a balsamic vinagrette I found at the salad bar (because the ranch dressing was not vegan).

And if you have not given raw chocolate pudding a try, please check out my previous post.

Well, that's it for today, my friends. I hope you have a Thrilling Thursday (alliteration just happened here :0 ) and I also hope you play around with these salad ingredients to make a fantastic salad of your own! By the way, if you do end up making any of my recipes, please let me know how you like them. Again, I love feedback and would be very happy to make some important changes to the recipe if it has not reached full potential. :)

Much love,

~ Natalyn

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