Friday, July 13, 2012

Fail Salad and Success Smoothie!!

Good morning, folks!!!

I am here in the kitchen, sitting on the high chair, talking to you guys, and eating my salad! Today I came up with a Tangy Tahini Toss (such an epic, alliterated title) that I was planning on sharing, and it was pretty good. It wasn't perfect, though, because it was missing a certain flavor, so I'm not going to post it. I strive to post only my greatest creations - a.k.a. the recipes that make you feel like you just entered a whole new universe and you feel compelled to start your own tribal chant... okay, maybe not that last part.

Since I failed that first one, I just whipped up a new one in the blender for you: A Summer Smoothie!!!

 Find fresh organic summer fruit in your local farmer's market. This particular recipe includes both the white and yellow variety of peach, and refreshing, hydrating, coconut water. Don't have peaches? Use nectarines. This recipe also includes apricot... When I was a little girl, I lived in a house that had a big backyard. The backyard has four orange trees, one tangerine, three red/pink guava, one very generous lime tree, and a HUGE avocado tree that still gives so many avocados. It's amazing. It's my grandma's house now, but I still visit a lot.
The house's backyard used to have an apricot tree - well, half of it. It belonged to the neighbors, but the tree grew so large and beautiful that it willingly stretched its slim branches over the metal fence. Those apricots were the best I had ever tasted (but that's a key characteristic of any organic or grown food). Sweet, slightly tangy flesh. Sun-kissed, delicate skin. Just beautiful. And fun to eat! To this day, I love to tear open the apricot in two perfect halves. You can't do that with an apple or with a mango or a banana - unless you're a caveman or something.

I love food photography. It's art you can eat!

Ok, ok, onward to the recipe!!

Natalyn's Summer Smoothie, Variation 1

* 1 white peach, pitted
* 1 yellow peach, pitted
* 1 apricot, pitted
* 1 banana, frozen (don't miss that step)
* 1 cup coconut water (I use coconut water from young Thai coconuts)
* 1 Tbsp. natural sweetener (coconut palm sugar is great!) - I didn't even use a sweetener as I felt it was sweet enough without it
* generous pinch of salt

1) Place all ingredients in Vitamix and blend until smooth and creamy (if you don't want to see pieces of peel in the smoothie, peel the peaches and apricots before blending).
2) Serve immediately and garnish with golden flax seeds and orange zest (totally optional). Enjoy!

What's your favorite childhood memory? And just for fun, what's your favorite smoothie?

Much love,

~ Natalyn <3 ^_^

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